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Free Online Games
Calling All Flash Game Developers!

We pay top $$ to sponsor the best Flash games! If you have a top-notch game we will pay you to distribute your game.

How Does It Work?

We pay you to put our logos and links into your game and help you distribute your game far and wide for millions of people to play and enjoy.

You keep ownership and credit. Plus you may post it everywhere you wish like Newgrounds and Flashkit under your own name. We are the sponsors, but it's your game and you should get the recognition you deserve for creating it.

Why are we doing this? You help promote us as the best place on the web to play games and we help you get the money, recognition, and reward you deserve.

The Rules

You must follow these simple rules.
Exclusive sponsorship by us, no others may sponsor your game.
Game cannot have been previously published on the web.
You must be the game's legal copyright holder and own full exclusive rights.
Game must be wholly original and cannot infringe on other trademarks, copyrights, or intellectual property. No Mario games for example.
Must be a high quality game deserving of our sponsorship.
See additional rules below.

How Do I Get Started?

It's easy, simply follow these steps.
Submit your game to us before it has appeared publicly on the web. Please provide a private url where we can sample your game.
We review your game. If we decide to sponsor it we negotiate price and provide you materials to add our sponsorship including logos and links.
Once the final game is approved, we send you your hard-earned money. Ka-ching!
You are free to post the sponsored version of the game on Newgrounds, Flashkit, etc.
Enjoy your money, then make us another great game! Repeat as often as necessary until you are rich and world famous.

FAQ and Additional Rules

Q: Who owns your game?
A: It's your game, you keep 100% ownership and copyright of your game. We are simply licensing the exclusive rights to distribute a sponsored version of your game on the web.

Q: Why do we require a game that is un-published?
A: We don't want a non-sponsored version of your game floating around the web, as that would decrease how many sites use our sponsored version and thus hurt the value of our sponsorship. We may accept a previously published game however we won't be able to justify paying top $$ for it.

Q: How do I prepare my game?
A: Please submit your game and if we accept it, we will send you all the necessary materials including our splash screen, link code, logos, etc. Do not prepare your game before we accept it.

Q: Should my game display a copyright message?
A: You should always display a copyright message within your game for legal purposes. Please display a text copyright message on the bottom left or right of your game's main menu screen, for example... © 2006 YourCompanyName

Q: Can I display my credit info, logo, and website link?
A: You may display whatever you wish on a separate credits screen including a link to your website. Outside the credits screen you may only display your text copyright message and optionally a small non-clickable logo. Your credits screen should only be opened when your text copyright message or a credits option on your game's main menu is selected.

Q: Can I put a third party logo in my sponsored game?
A: Sometimes it is smart to display a logo for another website when running on that site. We have seen games score higher on Newgrounds if it has a Newgrounds logo in it, for example. Only display another logo if your game url detects that it is running on that website.

Q: Can I put my sponsored game on other websites and/or get money from other contests?
A: Absolutely yes, we encourage you to spread our sponsored version all about the web. For example submit it to Newgrounds, and if you win their contest you keep the prize. Be sure to put only our sponsored version out there!

Q: Newgrounds uploading tips.
A: For better user scores on Newgrounds please post your completed sponsored game on to Newgrounds quickly, post it using your own company profile, enter an appropriate multi-line description (no 1 liners!), and clearly note that you are the creator of the game. Do it right the first time as if your game scores well you won't be able to edit it later. NG users often accuse our sponsored games of being stolen (i.e. some joe user uploaded the game to steal credit) so be sure to follow these submission tips.

Q: Can I put a non-sponsored version of my game on other websites?
A: Do not put a non-sponsored version of your game anywhere on the web! Otherwise a non-sponsored version will spread around the web hurting the value of the sponsorship.

Q: Can I sell a paid license of my game to other websites?
A: You may sell a paid license of a non-sponsored version of your game to other websites only if it is url locked to work just on that website. This prevents a non-sponsored version from spreading around the web (a big problem). The developer of GunRun additionally sold a url locked version to for extra income, for example.

Q: How do I url lock or url detect?
A: Url locking makes your game work only on a specific website, do this when you sell a licensed non-sponsored version. Url detecting makes your game react differently when run on a specific site, such as displaying a Newgrounds logo run on Newgrounds.

Include appropriate action script code into your game to check if the game is running on an approved website, and have it react as appropriate. Here are some simple flash action script code examples.

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